Lulu Devines Massive Cleavage

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Lulu Devine
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Lulu Devines low-cut dress reveals massive amounts of boobage that make the eyes water. From the start of this photo shoot, her panties are missing. Lulu always had nice legs and shows them off in high heels and fancy white stockings with an attached garter belt. Lulu would get annoyed when certain subjects were brought up in an interview. She never held back her feelings, even on TV talk shows. When other magazines talk to me they just start asking these disgusting questions, like, So, Lulu, how was your day! Ill say fine and then the next question is How do you like blowjobs! Would you like to give one now! or How much cum do you like in your mouth! Come on! How much cum do you like in your mouth! Of course, you want part of the magazine to be about sex because were sex symbols and the magazine is about that. After all, lets not mistake what the purpose of these magazines is. Guys read them to get off! Plain and simple! But the magazines and some guys too have to realize that were people and, just because were in this type of business, it doesnt mean were any more sexual or kinky than the next person. Basically were all animals and everybody likes climaxing

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